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News Updates:


Sentiments Express is the softer side of TCS. A trusted name in communicating emotions to your loved ones, Sentiments offers its customers a range of customization options where they can make their own bouquet or customize their cakes so that their emotions are translated through gifts exactly how they desire.


Sentiments Express, an affiliate of TCS E-COM (Pvt.) Limited, is designed to deliver tokens of memories and appreciation to those dear to us. For over two decades, Sentiments Express has upheld its promise to create happiness for its customers nationwide and in the UAE. Creating memories and enhancing special moments is at the heart of strategic operations at Sentiments Express. In an era rife with digital innovation and technological prowess, convenience is a core requirement. Sentiments Express is here to deliver just that and offers a vast array of specially crafted, designed and packaged gifts, including gourmet cakes, floral bouquets, ethnic sweets, and lots more, elegantly wrapped and delivered with a personalized greeting card.


Sentiments Express operates on an outlook based on a very simplistic goal - to provide a broad, beautifully fabricated display consisting of a large variety of products for customers to select. This service provides a platform to send wishes, show gratitude and spread love to their friends, family, business partners, colleagues,  and customers. Sentiments greatly values its customers’ lives and expends an immense amount of energy and effort on designing, crafting and customizing a wide range of tailor-made products to appeal to diverse patrons. Its packaging is product specific and well-equipped to look both exquisite as well as safeguard the product during transit.


Sentiments Express Birthday Special is an initiative that eradicates tension. It allows customers to simply share their yearly calendar and leave it to Sentiments Express to remember the birthdays they wouldn’t want to forget, and send out warm wishes and tokens of love. Furthermore, if someone is running late to pick flowers for an occasion, Sentiments Express can deliver flowers within 3 hours at the customer’s desired location, anywhere in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


With delivery available in 84 cities in Pakistan, as well as the UAE, missing a birthday or a special occasion is out of the question. TCS Sentiments Express delivers to the largest, smallest, nearest, farthest, and most remote locations of Pakistan. Eventually, the goal is to expand beyond local horizons, and become the brand of choice for overseas Pakistanis demanding deliveries in Pakistan or anywhere else on the globe. TCS Sentiments Express aims to provide services to customers world over, making life simple, convenient and easy for all. 


For further information, visit the Sentiments Express website: or any TCS Express Centre.

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