Our services are designed keeping in mind the UAE market. TCS is the most trusted name for delivering a wide range of parcel and package services along with shipping and tracking solutions within UAE.


Schedule Pick-up

You can have your shipments picked-up from your desired location.


Track your shipment by tracking number, reference number & account number.


TCS has offices in Dubai, Sharjah, Pakistan Consulate Dubai, and Pakistan Embassy Abu Dhabi.

Domestic Express Delivery

Domestic Express offers customers a range of cost-effective shipping solutions within UAE.

International Services

TCS delivers documents and parcels in over 3,500 destinations worldwide.

GCC Trucking

TCS offers swift trucking service which is available in several destinations in the UAE and the Middle East.

Sentiments Express

Sentiments Express, an affiliate of TCS E-COM (Pvt.) Limited

Freight Express

TCS facilitates clearance and delivery of cargo from both air and sea ports.

Pick & Pack Fulfillment

TCS provides complete fulfillment solutions for e-commerce businesses


TCS supports emerging e-commerce businesses in the region and delivers their products with commitment.

Import Express

TCS Impress offers import solutions to its customers to increase efficiency and enhance their inbound supply chain.

Mail Management

TCS has efficient resources to handle projects and support mail management systems.

Prepaid Service

TCS provides prepaid vouchers that can be purchased in advance and services can be used of that value throughout the year.

Diplomatic Services

TCS facilitates various diplomatic services of passport and attestations for Pakistan and UAE.