Domestic Delivery
With the largest retail network in the country and a strong fleet of 600+ satellite tracked vehicles; Domestic Express offers its customers a range of cost-effective shipping solutions within Pakistan.
Express Service Description
Domestic Standard Delivery in day light, Connecting more than 90% destination on overnight
Domestic Red Box Variety of boxes with extra care
Domestic Economy Reliable service at economical rates, with KPI 48 hours plus
Domestic Mehfooz Delivery of valuables with extra protection
Domestic Speedy Delivery of extremely urgent shipments, Same day delivery
Domestic Time Choice Delivery of valuables with extra protection at selected time
Domestic Sunday / Holiday Delivery on Sunday/holiday at designated location
Domestic By Hand Provide extra safety & security to your valuables/fragile shipments
Domestic Selling / Submission Convenience for student to buy and submit admission forms of leading education institutions from TCS-EC
Domestic Fee Collection Convenient fee collection facility for the university students/job seekers
Domestic Attestation Providing attestation services for HEC, MOFA and UAE
Domestic My Collect Providing convenience for the collection of shipment from any near by TCS-EC
Domestic My Return Convenience for shipper for paying return services charges at origin (RE-TURN)
Heavy Weight Delivery
With TCS, you’ve got a range of options for your important export and import heavy shipments. We make it quick and easy to find out exactly how to get your shipment ready, tracked and monitored.
Express Service Description
Domestic Heavy Weight Special offer to cater heavy weight parcels for express delivery

Logistics Service Description
Heavy Weight LC  
Heavy Weight Trade EX  
Heavy Weight OLE  
Heavy Weight Home Movers  
Warehousing and Distribution
With the most modern and efficient tools in warehouse management and out-of-the-box distribution models.

Warehousing and Distribution (W&D) was established in 2004. W&D specializes in the 3PL setup and is also offering customized 4PL and 7PL solutions. W&D is setting new benchmarks by providing complete Logistics and Supply Chain solutions in Pakistan. In this relatively short time span, it has already had its presence felt on the supply chain canvas of the country. W&D has an envious clientele in Telecom, FMCG, Pharma, I.T. and other sectors. W&D is all set to providing its customers with extraordinary services in their respective industry segments anywhere in the country. The state-of-the-art W&D already is spread over 1.4 million square feet in, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Islamabad offering efficient and economical warehousing services by employing carefully thought-out material storage and handling equipment.

Companies today are under an enormous pressure to capitalize on evolving business trends and make use of integrated logistics and dynamic sourcing, while simultaneously increasing efficiency and reducing costs. To meet these challenges, TCS provides a broad suite of innovative applications that enables organizations to modernize their supply chain processes by adding cloud-based warehouse management capabilities.

The current range of specialized services includes:


  • Transportation and Distribution
  • Value addition and Stock Repacking
  • Bar-coding & Labelling
  • Warranty Management
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Project Management

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Mail Management System
TCS offers a complete printing solution from data receiving, to designing and formatting as per the customers’ requirement.

TCS MMS business (Mail Management Solution) and MPS (Managed Print Solution) comprises of 2 main businesses: print and bulk distribution.

TCS is proud to be Pakistan’s fastest digital transactional printing facility – having one facility in Karachi and the other in Lahore. Along with printing, TCS offers automated stuffing and insertion facility. Mail Management Solution is Pakistan’s fastest Digital Production Printing Facility in Karachi and Lahore with a capacity to print more than 2.0 million impressions and 600,000 stuffing of envelopes per day. The printing facility also allows duplex printing - enabling quick and effective printing on both sides of the paper, effectively reducing costs.

With digitized optical mark readers, stuffing machines simplify the entire printing process, resulting in maximum efficiency and quantity. This technology enables TCS to print any sort of document, irrespective of the requirement. The TCS Printshop facility in Karachi is ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001:2005 certified and the TCS Printshop facility in Lahore is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

The complete service portfolio includes:

• Digital Printing
• Normal Bulk Shipment Distribution Services
• Automatic Stuffing
• Mail Room Management
• Bulk Mail Project Management
• Delivery
• Customized Solutions

TCS provides nationwide bulk delivery and mail room management services to some of the leading banks, telecom, insurance and education companies.

Tracking Tools
Still sending tracking number to receivers manually? TCS has now introduced a system which will automatically send tracking numbers and tracking URLs to your receivers so you may focus more on your business.

E-Retail customers can fetch an updated status of all of their shipments through the E-Retail Portal and website. Customers can monitor all shipments in transit and advise over particular shipments. In fact, via API Integration, customers can share tracking with their consignees to keep them in the loop over their orders.

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TCS Cargo
TCS Cargo offers highly economical and reliable road transportation for heavy-weight and large volume shipments.

The different types of services include:

  • Hub-to-Hub Services
  • Hub-to-Door Services
  • Seasonal fruits, per crate basis

    TCS Cargo caters to a wide range of walk-in customers, including wholesalers, small and medium traders, small manufacturers, suppliers and vendors, with heavy-weight and large volume shipments. 

    International Delivery
    TCS International Express connects Pakistanis to businesses and individuals around the world. Delivering to over 220+ destinations worldwide, TCS provides fast, secure, and reliable service to its customers.

    TCS has partnered with the leading global express service providers to provide our customers with the safest and most efficient air express service. Through our extensive global network reaching 220+ destinations worldwide, we ensure the best available rates to our customers.

    We are committed to making significant enhancements in our network, infrastructure, and facilities to deliver cost-effective and customized solutions for the entire supply chain of our customers.

    TCS International offers the following services to its customer:

    • TCS Export service for document and parcel worldwide
    • TCS Import service for document and parcel worldwide 

    TCS International is also offering the following promotional services:

    • TCS Redbox
    • Student Express
    • Mango delivery service
    • Attestation service
    Bulk Delivery
    Our bulk parcel delivery tools to do all of the leg work for you when sending out multiple packages at once. Our tools work with popular selling platforms to create an automated process that makes things quick and easy for you.

    TCS Ecom Solutions offers same day (within the same city), express, 2nd day, overland and international services to all areas in Pakistan. Using TCS’ core-competency of last-mile logistics and a dense network across the country, customers can reach their consignees overnight or otherwise, depending on the shipping methods chosen.

    For further information, please call 111-123-456

    E-Com Solution
    TCS Ecom Solutions is a product catering to the needs of all aspirational E-retailers who want a quick flow of goods to their customers.

    From simple shipment preparation to seamless last mile deliveries, TCS Ecom Solutions offers a complete range of services including updated shipment tracking, timely email and SMS alerts, easy transfer of funds and convenient return solutions to bolster and support your online business.

    Self Service Centre
    Our Self-Service Centre allows shippers to make changes to their existing orders, their courier and to set reminders to pick up their shipment from their courier.

    A powerful yet easy tool for shipment preparation, booking and tracking, E-Retail Portal helps you accomplish more in fewer steps. This web-based management system is a complete shipping management solution that eliminates the need of any paperwork, reduces unnecessary steps and diminishes costly handwritten errors. All E-Retailers can view and print updated summary reports of their cash collected and fetch billing details on one click.

    For further information, please call 111-123-456

    TCS Cool Control
    CS Cool Control is a unique temperature-controlled delivery service that allows for the transport of temperature sensitive products.

    A complete real-time solution is provided to consignees for best possible tracking of such shipments. Customers can monitor their shipments through a round-the-clock satellite tracking system which is available to them through a tracking portal web or their mobile app.

    Key features: 

    TCS Travel and Visa
    The travel and visa division provides specialized services in air ticketing for all domestic and international carriers, with complimentary insurance cover.

    Intiana, the travel and visa division of TCS (Pvt.) Limited, commenced its operations in 2004. Intiana provides specialized services in air ticketing for all domestic and international carriers, with complimentary insurance cover. Whether the nature of travel is business, pleasure or spiritual, the company offers exclusive, customized packages to its customers, to suit their budgeting needs.

    Customers can personalize their Umrah experience and make their travel plans easy and convenient with special, all-inclusive packages, that also include various hotel accommodation options at extremely competitive rates. Customers can also avail our multiple worldwide destination tour packages, which include complimentary travel insurance. Intiana’s value-added services assist customers with visa processing, arrival and departure, and transportation to and from various airports.

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    TCS Fresh
    TCS Fresh aims to deliver all your seasonal farm fresh fruits and vegetable needs across Pakistan. As the logistics experts and market leaders, we are the partner of choice for end to supply chain solutions for all our home-grown farmers as we connect them to your door step and support their growth

    TCS Fresh is a “farm to table” supply chain solution, bring quality, home-grown produce to your home. Our unrivalled network and scale across Pakistan also allows you to send your favorite seasonal fruits to your loved ones, wherever they may be. For ordering, visit your nearest Express Center or call us at (021)-111-123-456.

    While TCS Fresh takes pride in delivering the freshest produce at your doorstep, we must also be mindful of the perishable aspect as we aim to connect farmers directly to their customers. Our return, refund and exchange policy is designed exclusively for your satisfaction.

    Replacement policy:

    TCS will work on the replacement of items right away if:

    The produce delivered, are visibly hollow, or overripe. (subject to product characteristics)
    Produce is damaged, or physically damaged or physically deteriorated within the same day of delivery.
    Note: Customers are requested to share pictures of damaged produce via email or WhatsApp as soon as they find their produce damaged/hollow.

    Refund policy: 

    • When a produce customer has pre-ordered goes out of stock, we will initiate the refund to our customers at our soonest.
    • TCS Fresh strictly scrutinizes the best quality of produce. In case of dissatisfaction with the quality of your order, we will not ship the particular produce and will refund you the amount against it.

    Terms & Conditions:

    • An order cannot be refunded once it has been dispatched or delivered.
    • Although TCS Fresh sources top grade produce for best user experience, it’s notable that the taste and appearance of the produce may change with time and as the produce ages, its taste and shape will relatively change. Therefore, TCS Fresh will not be responsible for its refund.
    • TCS Fresh will not accept the return or refund if the pictures are not clear or the in case of receipt not available.

    TCS Fresh will not accept the return or refund if the produce is disposed.

    To file a claim for our return or exchange, the customer must provide a valid receipt and notify us within 12 hours of purchase. Kindly note that the customer is responsible for the return of items at their own expense.